Instagram is joining the likes of other social media networks and apps that feature unique messaging services, thanks to the new Threads app. Threads is designed to pair with Instagram and offer many of the same popular features provided by the Snapchat app. Now that social media has turned its focus to individual connections, platforms are trying to keep up by changing and diversifying their options.

Threads is all about connecting “real-life friends” or close connections, changing the narrative of social media to an environment that fosters constant sharing in an intimate setting. Keep reading to learn more about Threads and what it has to offer.

Threads Features 

Reports state that this app will provide users the opportunity to share information like battery life, location, and speed with their closest friends and connections, along with the existing videos, pictures, and text sharing options already offered on the Instagram platform.

For those who are familiar with previous Instagram attempts to get intimate with social media, Threads is essentially replacing Direct, the would-be messaging app for Instagram that was scrapped because switching between apps proved too much of a hassle for users. The company firmly believes Threads can offer the perfect formula Instagram needs to compete with other social chat apps such as Snapchat.

Why is Facebook Obsessed with Messaging?

Facebook, the parent company of Instagram, has a slight obsession with perfecting the messaging platform. Although they haven’t done much with the interface in the past 15 years, the push is on to innovate and keep up with (or outperform) the competition. Since Facebook was denied the chance to buy Snapchat, it’s been copying the app’s most successful features and is now looking to take the lead in messaging with this new Instagram-connected app.