The world is in turmoil right now. Coronavirus has taken control of society and we are all living at its mercy. As governments declare orders for public health and safety, consumers are shopping and consuming media differently than just a few months ago. However, these changes have not stopped marketers from communicating with consumers. Here is how you can manage your marketing during times of crisis.

Set a New Tone

The first aspect of your marketing strategy that should change shape is the tone and imagery of your messaging. You don’t want to appear apathetic or opportunistic during times of crisis. Review your strategy and tactics to make sure you are not in a position to offend audience members or contradict the recommended social distancing mandates currently in place.

As the economy goes through rapid changes, organizations have to prioritize their cost strategy in addition to employee welfare. Some industries are in a position to increase their marketing, such as e-commerce, online education programs, or political campaigns forced to move to digital platforms to complete their business goals. With fewer brands choosing to advertise, it is an opportune time to achieve greater visibility to consumers for those who message while the marketing landscape is less saturated.

Be Kind and Careful

Striking the right balance between sensitivity and brand promotion will be the sweet spot for businesses to survive, and possibly thrive, during the crisis. Brands and employees that story tells about their selfless contribution to the community will undoubtedly receive acknowledgment for their sincere and tactful marketing approach. Demonstrating the effort to reduce the virus spread and increase public awareness will promote favorable results from the public.

It is important to focus on how to be helpful rather than trying to sell. This is a time where businesses have an opportunity to build trust with their customers if they approach their messaging and offerings in an authentic way. Businesses mandated to close their doors or begin a contact-less approach are presented with a chance to empathetically adjust business operations to meet customer needs. An example of this might be a restaurant advertising for free delivery or a hair salon offering to sell products online or over the phone with accommodations for curbside pickup.

As stores do begin to open and operate, as usual, it can be helpful to show consumers how your business will maintain a safe environment. These initiatives are important because they visibly prove your business cares about the well-being of its customers. 

Do You Need Help Crafting Your Message?

During this time, it is important to ask for help. With so much uncertainty, it can be frustrating to start advertising for the first time or to develop a new strategy. Omni Creative Insights is here to help with any of your digital marketing needs.