The internet can be a powerful resource when it comes to pushing your company to achieve the success you desire. You need to focus your efforts to develop a strategy that will yield lasting results. When it comes to properly promoting the goods and services of your organization, marketing is the key. To optimize your marketing efforts, a tactic like cross-platform advertising might be worth exploring. This involves advertising across a variety of mediums at the same time. The following suggestions elaborate on how to use this strategy to your advantage.  

Understand the Customer Journey

Before the internet dominated our daily lives, businesses approached the idea of the “customer journey” from a linear perspective. The average customer would visit the store, find what he or she required, make the purchase, and hopefully return for repeat purchases in the future. Now, the journey is much more erratic. You are constantly at risk of a customer losing interest and clicking away from your site for various reasons. By understanding the customer journey, you’ll be providing yourself a useful foundation from which to build a strategy.

Review Search Terms

The first step in almost every customer journey is the search. This is when a person enters information into a search engine or similar field to discover products, services, or answers. Normal SEO practices involve researching and implementing select words within your website copy to increase the ranking on search engines. With cross-platform advertising, you want to widen that goal and make sure the same words and phrases are used across all related resources. This means everything from your landing pages to social media posts to existing blog links should contain these phrases.

Create Content

To fully take advantage of advertising across a multitude of platforms, you need to create content to place on various web channels. Once your assets have been optimized with relevant keywords, you need to think about how you can curate a robust selection of original and shared content to share with your followers online. The more content you have appearing across websites, emails, promotional banners, and social posts, the easier it will be to cast a wide net that targets the specific audiences known to be interested in your organization’s services.

Getting the most out of your web presence takes time. One of the best ways to see results and fully take advantage of what the internet can bring is cross-platform advertising. Create your strategy for advertising and see how you can improve your ability to promote your brand.