Most businesses understand the impact a PPC strategy has on their online sales. However, not all campaigns are created equal. Below are eight steps to help you craft the most effective marketing strategy.

1. Update Your Copy

While feedback can be tough to take, remaining open to it can help you write more engaging and informative copy. Pay attention to the number of conversions you’re getting. Often just by tweaking certain phrases or headlines, you can adjust your copy to appeal to other demographics.

2. Utilize Negative Keywords

Remember, you should be directing your ads toward interested parties. Making use of negative keywords will allow you to filter out disinterested parties based on the presence of the negated word. This can increase your click-rate while lowering conversion costs.

3. Spend Time on Your Landing Page

Make sure your landing page matches the expectations of your audience. Though it’s important to include what you think is pertinent copy, the information provided should be what the consumer is expecting. Otherwise, your landing page will come across as irrelevant.

4. Use SKAG

If you want your PPC strategy to lead to more conversions, utilizing single-word ad groups is key. This approach focuses on variations of single keywords, providing a closer match between the selected word and search term.

5. Strive for Targeted Campaigns

By paying close attention to the effectiveness of your ads, you’ll be more capable of discovering your target audience. If you find certain keywords work well in specific geographical locations or with certain demographics, you can adjust your campaign to get the most from this information.

6. Check the Time

With timed ads, you can reach your targeted audience more effectively. Indeed, deploying your ads when your consumers are most likely to be browsing can save you time and resources.

7. Don’t Rely on Broad Match Keywords

While less restrictive, broad matches run the risk of bringing in unnecessary traffic to your site, which can affect your ratings. Instead, utilize this tool sparingly by applying it to specific circumstances rather than as a general practice.

8. Craft the Perfect CTA

An excellent way to boost sales is with a clear, easy-to-see CTA. Your call-to-action button should act as a beacon to visitors, making it easy for them to navigate toward a purchase.

No matter the industry, a business can’t thrive without public awareness of its product. By adjusting your strategies accordingly, your PPC campaign will remain successful.