For small businesses and startups, the road to success can be loaded with complicated obstacles and unseen dangers. To realize success along your journey, it is important to dedicate and understand the most useful and available tools and resources. For example, understanding how to use metrics can have a big impact on your company’s direction. The process of analyzing data to benefit your business is invaluable and can offer tremendous organizational insight. Review these tips to learn how to use this skill to your advantage.

Understand Your Organic Traffic

One way you can use data to improve business operations is by focusing on your organic traffic. Due to the abundance of data that can be collected from your web assets, including landing pages and social media accounts, it is wise to establish a focused approach with specific goals you are attempting to reach. For example, evaluate the number of people who are redirected to your web assets each day from third-party sites and identify methods to increase this number through your analysis.

Reduce Your Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is another key metric when assessing the value of your website. Essentially, this is the number assigned to the percentage of website visitors who leave the site after a short amount of time without clicking through to any other pages or external links. The shorter the session, the more likely it is that Google and other search engines will flag your site as suspicious. One key way to use analytics to your advantage is by reviewing your bounce rate and developing a tactic for enticing consumers to extend the time they spend exploring your site.

Mine Your Old Resources

Though your business might be small, you’ve likely been in operation for a few years. While the blog posts and other digital resources you created in the earliest stages of your company might not seem relevant anymore, there are ways to reuse these assets. Review old web resources and determine if any can be salvaged. Edit the text to include relevant SEO keywords and links to pages that contain more pertinent information. By repurposing old pages in such a way, you can breathe new life into existing resources and save time on developing new content.

The internet can be incredibly advantageous for businesses of all sizes. Learn to use metrics to analyze your web resources and discover how to best utilize the tools and trends of the digital age.