There are a variety of ways to use digital marketing to your benefit, but some tried-and-true methods have worked for years. Email marketing is one method that has enticed audiences and generated leads for small businesses since the early days of online marketing campaigns. To utilize this approach to the best of your ability, it is important to engage with your customers in a way that feels personal to each individual. This can be accomplished by learning the art of email segmentation. Here are a few tips for getting started that can optimize your marketing strategies tenfold and provide your company with long-lasting customers.

As opposed to sending a blanket email to one large audience, email segmentation allows you to  target your message uniquely to different consumer groups based on individual interests. This can help focus your marketing efforts and reach your conversion goals by persuading customers according to their specific needs or wants. Begin by separating your customers into logical groups, such as location or by birthday. Marketing to consumers by location can help you form ideas around certain aspects of their locale, such as well-known landmarks or social hubs to which many residents can relate. Meanwhile, a simple birthday message via email can provide the opportunity to add a personalized touch and offer the recipient a coupon or discount that’s appreciated and potentially profitable to you.

You can also venture into advanced segmentation strategies by focusing on purchase frequency or marketing funnel behavior. If customers frequently buy from your company, you can present them with new upgrades or improved products to re-engage them. However, if you have a lingering group of visitors who have yet to buy, give them extra attention by offering special deals or discounts to persuade them to make a purchase. You can specifically entice customers who have only ventured through the initial stage of the marketing funnel by presenting them with offers to continue through the process.

Don’t let your email marketing campaign fail by neglecting obvious opportunities. Email segmentation is a great way to approach a large number of consumers in a beneficial and personalized way.