While paid advertising has, for a long time, been a befitting customer acquisition tactic, times have changed. Today’s customers will not be won over using obtrusive ads and other marketing techniques that feel spammy and underhanded. Rather, they are on the lookout for an authentic, friendly, and transparent brand. An authentic brand image can only be achieved through helpful, insightful, and shareable content.

Below are a few more reasons why you should make content marketing a priority in your marketing strategy.

1. It creates a unique bond between you and your audience.

It is through content that you share authoritative, deep, well-informed, and useful content. Sharing such content consistently helps create a strong bond with the audience. In turn, this builds trust and reliability.  

2. It is good for your SEO.

While content will not be the only factor that influences your search engine ranking, it goes a long way towards improving it. Unlike in the past, when Google’s algorithms were all about keyword stuffing, today, they are in favor of good keyword targeting and meaningful content of a certain length.

3. It attracts qualified leads.

Unlike other forms of marketing, only people who are interested in what you have to say will view your content. For example, only people looking for specific keywords land on your blog, and only a select few will click on your landing page.

4. Creating credible content makes you an authority in the industry.

By creating meaningful content, you are bound to see more social media mentions and overall lead conversions. The more consistent you are with sharing content, the more you stand out as an industry authority and an expert in your niche.

5. It allows you to tell your story.

Unlike paid marketing, where you only tell people about the products, using content marketing allows you to tell a story that adds value and meaning to people’s lives. People are more likely to identify with and trust a brand to which they can relate.

According to statistics, content marketing has the potential to generate three times as much as other forms of outbound marketing. It gives your audience more reasons to come to your website. When creating content, make sure it matches your brand’s personality and sets you apart from the competition.